We are suppliers of renewable energy systems and products. Our goal is to support and help build sustainable communities throughout the USA and the world. Our first goal is to transform Cottage Grove, Oregon into one of the first examples. Cottage Grove participates in self sustainability by strengthening access to resources and support for local food growers as well as several other support programs. Our community invites everyone to participate by real action and commitments promoting and  making sustainability our reality. Our community also has many members that are deeply committed to planetary sustainable development.


If you are knowledgeable to our dependence upon fossil fuels, the grid, and government agencies that respond to the needs of the people in times of disaster, then you are already seeking ways to be integrally part of making some of changes to a more sustainable reality. We are doing our part now by simply participating at the level we can to quickly and surely transform our community to the greater meaning of Home. We plan to expand to third world countries in the near future as well.


Who are we, and why should you believe and/or invest in what we are doing? This company was started by Lamech Donaldson, who is, the initiator of the drive behind this renewable movement in Cottage Grove which is also his home since the year 2000. He is a polymathic technologist, who has been growing with and engaged in the servicing of communication and Information technology since 1982. He has been called a future visionary by many that know him, but is known for his dedication to people, machines, and enterprises that are supportive of almost every community in the United States.


As a Company we hope to expand quickly such that we provide access to our technology as we transform our community and neighboring communities into more sustainable places to live. Our optimum outreach is to engage the communities we transform and make sustainable by their cooperation. When our community’s businesses and residents take an active part, even if it is through employment with us, there is a great sense of pride and community fostered and an even stronger confidence in self-sustainability. When there is a disruption in power via man or nature we can help restore.



We have an advantage and we have a plan as well as a drive to promote and build examples of successful farms, schools, government facilities and members of the community that can receive rebates for utilizing our products. The energy cell concept is what mayor Bloomberg would have enjoyed reading about if we would have been able to submit it for consideration in the recent 5 million dollar award being contended for by 20 cities across the country.


Our business plan is to expand and introduce the concept of BioMethane production at several levels. We are already doing so by reaching out and communicating to food growers at gatherings as well as land owners and renewable, sustainable energy groups. Our efforts support the grid in its present state but also dynamically supports community by its design to relieve tax payer burdens and reinforce the community that everyone must live in with sustainable fuel and fertilizer. Any energy you provide will become visible in your community. Great investment, great cause, great results.


Definitely a win-win opportunity! We look forward to your participation in changing the world a little at a time in a very little time.