Septic Tank
FRP septic tank is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic It is used to process sewage. It is mainly used in industrial and civil sewage purification treatment. FRP septic tanks keep temporary storage of sewage and preliminary decomposes it in the tank to reduce the discharge of solids. Teenwin Septic-tanks are primary treatment units which remove the suspended matter in domestic sewage by adopting sediment and anaerobic fermentation principles, Domestic sewage contains plenty of feces, bacteria and parasite. The suspended solid concentration is about 100-350mg/L and the organism concentration BOD is between 100-400mg/L, the suspended organism BOD is 50-200mg/L. Sewage flow into septic tank will be reduced to 50%~80% suspended matter after 12-24h sediment time. The anaerobic digestion will take above 3 months, which will make the organism decompose to a stable inorganic, corruptible raw sludge, which will become ripe sludge, it changes the sludge structure, reducing the sludge water ratio. It can be turned into fertilizer at that point.
Item Model Capacity(m3) Number of people Dimension(mm) Weight (kg) Unit price
L1 L2 H1 H2 H3 H4 D
1 TY-SPT-1 1 8 1640 410 900 820 750 100 110  48 call
2 TY-SPT-2 2 16 1900 450 1200 1030 960 100 110 87  
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